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The Vegetable Garden Project Initiated by Spar Nzano for Francistown SOS Children’s Village  

Francistown SOS Children’s Village has been blessed to have a good relationship with Spar which is one of the International companies that are extending their helping hand in shaping up the future of the children.  We have received donation in kind which is termed as “The Garden of Life” from the Nzano Spar.  

The Nzano Spar team joined hands with Francistown SOS Children’s Village and conducted a two (2) days workshop for SOS Children’s Village and the community.  The workshop was facilitated by a businessman from South Africa called Mr Steven Barnard but initiated by the Spar team in Francistown.  It was a very valuable teaching on how to do home gardening to feed the individuals, community and the needy.  

The teaching was on micro farming which is a simple method for starting a home garden. It is child friendly, environment friendly and even a cost cutting method as most of the materials used were local and recyclable i.e. egg cartons, used tyres,2Ltr coke bottles etc.  Our garden had barely anything before the Spar team came to our rescue. We did not have the pump for the water supply in the garden.  The team bought us a generator which really helped to pump the water from our borehole for the smooth irrigation of the garden.  
The Nzano Spar provided us with some seedlings which were later grown in our garden.

 As we speak, our village depends on the vegetables produced to feed the SOS children and some vegetables are sold to the community.  It is not only for feeding, our children also learnt the skills so that they become self sufficient in producing crops in the future.  

The Spar team regularly visits our garden to give us advices and help where needed. In the near future we will be selling our vegetables to Spar in order to generate funds. We pride ourselves with ‘MY SPAR MY BOTSWANA’   
Beetroot    SOS Children & Spar Managers  
COMPILED BY:  Emily Tamasiga Tuelo Francistown SOS Children’s Village Educator   


Mothers’ Union Home Grown Garden - Mahalapye  

The name of the project is Mothers’ Union Home Grown Garden.  It is located in Mahalapye, just behind Mahalapye Magistrates Court.  


The beneficiary to this project are the kids at the centre, this may have been because of HIV/Aids, accidents, passion killings and so on.  These kids are vulnerable to hardships, thus the extended helping hand.  Some come from poor homesteads, some are abused at home so they lack psycho-social support.  
Mentally, socially and spiritually we identified the beneficiary ourselves and offered to help, then we started the gardening at the centre and handed it over to them to keep it running and provide for themselves.  We visit them regularly to check their progress and so far they have done very well because they have harvested and the produce has been sold to Spar Mahalapye.  Some have been consumed at the centre and the proceeds are to help the centre to reach out to other under-privileged children.  
Other support we offered them was the leverage we gave them during the sponsored walk the held, we sponsored them with oranges and still water for the participants.  We intend to help them with shading to help them improve the status of the garden and to prevent the sun from overheating the crops.  

Marang Home Grown Project at  Maradu Primary School  

Please find our Marang Home Grown – The Garden of Life Project information.  We have decided to make Maradu Primary School our project because:  
1. It is a school in our area that is in need of assistance from the business community for funds;

2. The school does not get any assistance from any other businesses;

3. The school is in our area;

4. The school is situated in a very poor area with a lot of unemployment as well;

5. Saliwe went to the school with a letter asking if they would need the assistance of Marang SuperSpar in the form of a garden;

6. You will see the involvement of children, staff members and teachers in the photo's;

7. The garden is now ready for ploughing;

8. We will be planting green pepper and tomatoes tomorrow;

9. The school is in need to have their garden fenced, so we will buy their produce to raise the funds to do so; 

Grandmother with disabilities takes part in  The Garden of Life  

An old lady by the name Mrs. Kebonye Mosupiemang is a high blood pressure patient, has only one eye and is also disabled.  Mrs. Mosupiemang lives alone in the yard and is the owner of a garden at one of our community project plots.  This goes to show how a resident of any age and with disabilities can take part in the Home Grown – The Garden of Life Projects to provide healthy food.  

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