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The IRCD is a development organisation which provides mechanisms to improve the quality of life  of rural and  peri-urban communities throughout Africa, by the creation and implementation of integrated sustainable community initiatives that address the socio-economic needs designed for each specific community.

The IRCD will be able to achieve its vision through:

  • The identification of  specific socio economic needs of the communities in which it is invited to operate
  • The mobilisation of these communities to become active participants in a community based development strategy
  • The providing of integrated solutions for these communities needs including the establishment of  community business and management structures and the training of  community members
  • The mobilisation of investment funds from local and foreign sources  to fund the above actions and structures until they become self-sustainable
  • Facilitate skills development and transfer thus ensuring self-employment  & job creation
  • Utilizing appropriate technologies that provide environmentaly friendly solutions.
  • Providing administrative support, regular monitoring, evaluation and supplementary training for projects to ensure their sustainability.
There is an urgent need for the coordination of sustainable community development activities in Africa.

Developing communities have a need for:
  • Planning, training, marketing and coordinating capacity.
  • The ability to present their needs to and aquire support from business, funders and service providers  in a structured manner
  •    A vision for the future  with solutions to get the ability to  integrate development activities in their communities



The Responsibility of Business


Businesses have a need and a responsibility to participate in the development and support of communities through social  responsibility programmes.

The Requirements of Business


  • CSI contributions must improve the BEE score card of the company.
  • The projects that the Companies participate in must be sustainable and support the values of the company and enhance the branding of the company.
  • Companies need to ensure that the investment in the programmes contribute to safe and self sustainable integrated community environments.
The IRCD gives the following:
  1. Training
  2. Community mobilisation and  community economic development.
  3. Project planning and development  – design, development and implementation of projects related to  community development.
  4. Project management  & mentoring – management, mentoring and monitoring  of existing and future projects.
  5. Project administration – financial management and financial reporting  of  projects.
  6. BEE scorecard improvement assessment.


All of the above activities are focussed at  providing the  participating clients with the neccessary qualifying elements for bee certification and tax deduction.

The initiative has been taken to establish IRCD, a unique well structured and supported mechanism that will change the lives of many people in Africa.


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